ViviApp -

A web application seamlessly combines CRM and Inventory control for a beverage manufacturing company, offering exclusive access to authenticated users.

Viviapp and what is unique about it?

A fully responsive app ensures ease of use for both sales and production teams, featuring real-time inventory and sales data through interactive graphs and clickable customer details for convenient navigation and direct calls.

Viviapp is a web-based application tailored for a Zurich-based Beverage/Drink manufacturing company, seamlessly merging CRM and Inventory control. Exclusively accessible to authenticated users, it offers complete responsiveness, ensuring user-friendly operation for both the Sales team and Production team.

Real-time inventory and sales data are elegantly presented through interactive graphs and charts, while clickable customer details simplify navigation and facilitate direct calls.


Technology Stack

Technology Stack: CakePHP, Jquery, JavaScript.PHP, MySQL, AWS
AWS – Cloud
CakePHP – Backend
MySQL Database

Graphical Integration Challenge and Solution

Faced with a unique challenge, we aimed to combine the Ordered Raw Materials vs. Planned Consumption graph and Incoming Raw Material vs. Planned Consumption calculation into a single graph. Through strategic brainstorming, we leveraged the prior year’s production data for forecasting and divided the visualization into two focused graphs: “Ordered Raw Material Vs. Planned Consumption” and “Incoming Raw Material Vs. Planned Consumption.” This innovative approach enhanced data representation.

Overcoming CSV Export Timeout Challenge

In response to a pressing challenge, the Sales team required a Contact report with export functionality, yet implementing the export CSV feature encountered a timeout error due to the abundance of selected records, exceeding 1000. In finding a solution, we harnessed the power of Ajax technology by deploying multiple requests along with a loader symbol. This strategic move not only resolved the issue but also empowered users to seamlessly view the file and its exported content, ensuring a smooth export process for all records.

Other Technologies

Overcoming XML Export Challenges for Abacus CRM Integration

When integrating Abacus with the CRM via XML export, we encountered two hurdles. A timeout issue with 1000+ data entries and problems exporting German characters. To tackle these challenges, we utilized Ajax calls for handling the large dataset and implemented customized functions to ensure the accurate export of German characters.

Transitioning from Horizontal to Vertical Menu Theme

Faced with the challenge of transforming a horizontal menu-based theme into a responsive vertical menu theme, we embarked on a comprehensive solution. This transformation entailed a complete overhaul, involving the modification of nearly 300 CSS and JavaScript files to align with the new vertical menu theme. To achieve this, we worked on separate template files, adjusted the graphical structure for both the main and production dashboards, fine-tuned the sidebar menu to reflect user permissions, and ensured responsive alignment across all interfaces.