Payrexx -

Payrexx is a global payment gateway for seamless online transactions. Payrexx accepts Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and 200+ payment methods which can be easily integrated into several Content Management Systems and E-Commerce CMS

Payrexx and what is unique about it?

Payrexx simplifies payment processing for small businesses, providing a one-stop solution for various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Sepa, ApplePay, and more – all without extra contracts.
It caters to existing and new online stores, offering versatile payment solutions. Whether for website checkouts or in-person payments,
Payrexx's flexibility allows for seamless, customizable combinations, making it an ideal choice for SMEs seeking convenience and versatility in payment processing.

Payrexx is a cloud-based payment gateway that simplifies online transactions for businesses. With 40+ payment providers and 200+ methods, it offers seamless integration and a WooCommerce plugin for direct in-store payments via API.

We became a Marketing Partner for Payrexx to expand their universal e-commerce tool to English-speaking nations and emerging markets like India. As Technology Solutions Partners, we offer skilled support for award-winning web applications with technical excellence and security.


Technology Stack

Technology Stack – Vue.js, AngularJS, and PHP

VueJS- Frontend

AngularJS – Frontend

PHP – Backend

The Challenge of Ensuring Highly Secure Code

Serving as a technology solutions partner for an award-winning, immensely popular, robust, and secure web application has consistently presented us with formidable challenges. Thankfully, our exceptionally skilled team has consistently excelled in resolving all technical issues to meet stringent global standards for quality and security.

Geo-Coding for Enhanced Global User Experience

In light of Payrexx’s global reach as an e-commerce tool, our top priority was to fortify the website’s robustness for all users. This necessitated comprehensive localization efforts to cater to visitors from diverse countries. To deliver an optimal user experience, we implemented a geo-coding system that automatically directs anonymous users to their respective Product Pricing page and Sign Up form based on their geographical location. This approach ensures that every user seamlessly accesses the most relevant information and services.

Other Technologies

Sleek, User-Friendly and responsive Website

Our website stands as a versatile platform, designed to go beyond serving as a sales and information tool. It’s engineered to provide a seamless experience to users, ensuring effortless navigation across all devices and accommodating diverse language preferences.

Every page and form has been meticulously crafted to be clean and exceptionally well-optimized for smartphones and handheld devices, guaranteeing a smooth, hassle-free experience for all users.

Enhancing Elastic Search Functionality

Revamping the search functionality was a pivotal task. Our mission encompassed implementing the ability to select additional services (such as breakfast, extra bed, etc.) during hotel room bookings. These services featured distinct price options, and multilingual support was a crucial requirement.