CRM for Uthsmaya -

Vtiger CRM implementation for Apparel Manufacturer Uthsmaya, to enhance their daily operations and maintaining their Sales Funnel

Uthsmaya and what is unique about it?

Uthsmaya is the brainchild of a dynamic woman entrepreneur, Manju, who embodies the ethos of unwavering determination. Initially, the venture began as a corporate gifts retailer. However, as Manju delved deeper into the business landscape, she astutely recognized that the real growth potential lay in the expansive market for T-shirts.
With her charming personality, Manju, the founder, swiftly positioned Uthsmaya as the premier supplier of T-shirts, highly coveted by corporate entities across India.
Uthsmaya's T-shirts set themselves apart with a Unique Selling Point: a winning combination of superior quality and budget-friendly pricing


Technology Stack

Technology Stack:  Vtiger CRM, PHP, MySQL

Vtiger CRM


MySQL Database

Integration Challenge and Solution

As Uthsmaya’s business continued to expand, the need for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution became increasingly apparent. Leads were pouring in from various sources, yet there was no centralized repository to store and organize them effectively. 

Furthermore, the frequent turnover of office staff and field sales personnel made it challenging to keep tabs on both past and current leads and orders. Onboarding new staff members involved a substantial learning curve, requiring them to familiarize themselves with the system and the accumulated data before effectively following up on leads.

Recognizing that the key to sustained growth and long-term viability lay in implementing a CRM, Manju decided to take action. She reached out to Soft Solutions4U for a comprehensive analysis of her business and to facilitate the implementation of a CRM solution.

Develop plugin to capture leads from Google Forms and Google Sheets

Uthsmaya faced a common challenge as their business flourished, with numerous leads pouring in through diverse marketing channels. However, these valuable leads were scattered and disorganized, residing across various platforms like mobile devices, WhatsApp messages, Google Sheets, and even handwritten notes.  

To address this issue, Uthsmaya enlisted the expertise of SoftSolutions4U to develop a specialized Vtiger Google Sheet Plugin. This ingenious tool was designed to seamlessly capture data from web forms and Google Sheets, systematically transforming this information into leads within their CRM.

This approach not only streamlined lead management but also ensured that the sources of these leads were clearly identified. With this enhanced clarity, Uthsmaya’s sales team was empowered to take more precise and effective actions, ultimately improving their lead conversion process.

Integrate Leads from IndiaMart

Uthsmaya faced a noteworthy hurdle in their business operations when it came to effectively tracking and managing leads originating from Indiamart, a well-established B2B platform to which they held a subscription. Recognizing the necessity for a more streamlined approach, SoftSolutions4U stepped in to offer a tailored solution.

They embarked on the development of a specialized plugin designed to seamlessly integrate leads directly from Indiamart into Uthsmaya’s CRM system. This innovative tool served as a bridge, ensuring that leads generated on the Indiamart platform could effortlessly find their way into the company’s customer relationship management system. As a result, Uthsmaya was not only able to simplify lead acquisition but also significantly enhance their ability to diligently monitor, assess, and follow up on these invaluable opportunities. 

This integration not only alleviated a critical pain point but also empowered Uthsmaya to more effectively harness the potential of leads originating from Indiamart.

Integrate with ZohoBooks

Uthsmaya, had been relying on Zoho Books for all their accounting needs. However, there was a growing need to connect their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Vtiger, with Zoho Books to create a seamless bridge between their Sales Team and Accounts Department. Here’s how we, at SoftSolutions4U, approached this integration:

Understanding Uthsmaya’s Needs:

Our first step was to have a detailed discussion with Uthsmaya’s team to understand their specific requirements. It was clear that they needed a smooth flow of information between their sales and accounting systems to eliminate data duplication and enhance operational efficiency.

API Access and Authentication:

We initiated the integration by obtaining the necessary API keys from both Vtiger and Zoho Books. These API keys enabled secure and authorized communication between the two platforms. We took security seriously, ensuring that sensitive financial data was well-protected during data transfer.

Data Mapping and Customization:

With a clear understanding of what data needed to be synchronized, we meticulously mapped out the data flow between Vtiger and Zoho Books. We developed custom scripts and connectors to automate the exchange of information. This involved writing code to extract, transform, and load data between the two systems. The customization ensured that the data exchanged was in a format that made sense for both the Sales and Accounting teams.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

Rigorous testing was a critical phase in the integration process. We meticulously checked data transfer in both directions, verifying accuracy and handling any errors that arose during testing. This phase allowed us to proactively address issues and ensure a seamless operation.

Security and Compliance:

Data security was a paramount concern. We implemented robust encryption and adhered to industry best practices to protect financial data during its journey between the CRM and accounting systems. Compliance with accounting standards was also a key consideration.

Training and Documentation:

We conducted training sessions for Uthsmaya’s team members, ensuring they were well-equipped to use the integrated system effectively. Additionally, we created comprehensive documentation for reference purposes.

Go-Live and Monitoring:

After thorough testing and validation, we went live with the integration. We established monitoring tools to keep a vigilant eye on data transfer, ensuring it continued to work seamlessly.

Other Technologies

October CMS Upgrade

Enhancing the Admin Backend Challenge: While the Front-End of HotelCard was intricately intertwined with the Laravel Framework, the backend relied on the older version 1.x.x of October CMS. The objective was to introduce enhancements and novel features, necessitating an upgrade of the CMS.

Enhancing Elastic Search Functionality

Revamping the search functionality was a pivotal task. Our mission encompassed implementing the ability to select additional services (such as breakfast, extra bed, etc.) during hotel room bookings. These services featured distinct price options, and multilingual support was a crucial requirement.