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Sportsparadise connects sports enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive platform for sports, health, leisure, wellness, and booking sports hotels

Sportsparadise and what is unique about it?

Sportsparadise, the premier platform for connecting sport enthusiasts and service providers, distinguishes itself by its unwavering commitment to fostering an active and health-conscious lifestyle.
What sets Sportsparadise apart is its dedication to providing unparalleled access to sports and wellness offerings while fostering connections among individuals who share a passion for sports.
This unique focus on promoting a healthy and fulfilling life through an active lifestyle makes Sportsparadise the unrivalled choice for those seeking to enhance their well-being and engage with like-minded individuals.

Sportsparadise Switzerland is an innovative venture driven by a singular mission: to establish a centralized marketplace where sports enthusiasts can not only make online purchases of specialized sporting equipment but also immerse themselves in a diverse array of sporting events and classes offered by a wide range of vendors.

Notably, Sports Paradise goes a step further by offering convenient hotel booking options that cater specifically to sportspeople in need of accommodations to attend specific sports events. This holistic approach comprehensively caters to the needs of sports enthusiasts, ensuring they have all the essential resources at their disposal.  

Soft Solutions4U was tasked with the integration of the Euro Tours hotels API into Sportsparadise. This integration was aimed at serving the specific needs of sports enthusiasts and athletes in search of suitable accommodations while participating in sports events or attending them


Technology Stack

Technology Stack: Laravel, Symphony, API – EuroTours

Laravel Framework – Frontend

Rest API

MySQL Database

Optimizing Speed: Overcoming EuroTour Hotels' API Search and Results

EuroTour hotels encountered a significant challenge with search and results, as it took an intolerable 5 minutes for them to appear, which was frustrating for users. 

The solution involved a thorough analysis, which revealed that a single cron job was responsible for retrieving all the necessary hotel booking details. To improve the speed, we divided the query into multiple scheduled cron jobs and made modifications to eliminate redundant requests. 

As a result, the speed improved dramatically, and users could now access the details they needed within a maximum of 15 seconds.

Addressing Data Consistency Challenges

The EuroTour API responses posed a challenge due to their inconsistent data formats; at times, they were presented as arrays, while in other instances, they took the form of arrays of objects.
This variability led to inconsistencies across various hotel requests.
To address this issue, our solution involved code optimization, wherein we implemented a more consistent data retrieval approach using a ternary operator. This adjustment ensured dependable operations on the response data.

Other Technologies

Efficiency Enhancement for Europe Tours Data Update

Sportsparadise encountered a significant challenge when saving updated details from Europe Tours, primarily due to the substantial volume of data, which caused the cron job to run excessively long, compromising the accuracy of data saving. 

In response to this issue, following an in-depth analysis and brainstorming session, we refined the approach by implementing a query to specifically target and process only the hotel details that were either updated or deleted. This strategic modification significantly improved the efficiency of the data update process, ensuring that only relevant data was processed, making the entire operation more time-effective.

Enhancing Elastic Search Functionality

Revamping the search functionality was a pivotal task. Our mission encompassed implementing the ability to select additional services (such as breakfast, extra bed, etc.) during hotel room bookings. These services featured distinct price options, and multilingual support was a crucial requirement.