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A complex e-commerce project involving the integration of CodyHouse with Craft Commerce.

Sport+Hobby and what is unique about it?

VonMoos Sport + Hobby AG stands out with its commitment to classic retail, offering a unique shopping experience. Customers can interact with and try out products in-store, receive expert guidance that saves them valuable time for their hobbies. The combination of hands-on experience, personalized consultations, and the convenience of immediate product availability sets VonMoos apart.
However, VonMoos Management also recognizes the importance of online presence, providing a well-balanced approach to Retail and E-commerce. Soft Solutions4U helped them edit and enhance their online Shop which was built on Craft CMS.

It was a complex e-commerce project in which we integrated CodyHouse with Craft CMS. The project involved using Craft Commerce for the shopping cart, while the static frontend pages were designed using CodyHouse.

Our goal was to use a lightweight frontend framework to create custom interfaces for the e-commerce website using CodyHouse components, integrated with Craft Commerce for shopping cart and checkout processes.


Technology Stack

Technology Stack: Craft CMS (Backend – admin panel), Craft Commerce CodyHouse (Frontend), HTML5, SASS, JavaScript,MySQL
CodyHouse – Frontend
CraftCMS – Backend
MySQL Database

Integration Challenge and Solution

Integrating CraftCMS with CodyHouse presented a challenge. To address this, we took a multi-step approach. First, we initiated a new CraftCMS package. Then, we manually incorporated updated CodyHouse files into the Craft package, while also updating CodyHouse through Composer. To ensure seamless integration, we made necessary modifications to certain functions, allowing for the smooth application of CodyHouse styling within CraftCMS.

Resolving Default Homepage Loading Issue

Encountering a problem where the Craft CMS website loaded the homepage from the default page, we executed the following solution. Initially, we updated Composer with the necessary information. Subsequently, we adjusted the default homepage path to point to a custom file and made essential modifications to style locations, directing them to a custom folder. By rebuilding the package with Composer, the style files were seamlessly updated on a designated path. Consequently, every page loaded thereafter fetched CSS styles from the custom path, successfully resolving the issue.

Other Technologies

October CMS Upgrade

Enhancing the Admin Backend Challenge: While the Front-End of HotelCard was intricately intertwined with the Laravel Framework, the backend relied on the older version 1.x.x of October CMS. The objective was to introduce enhancements and novel features, necessitating an upgrade of the CMS.

Enhancing Elastic Search Functionality

Revamping the search functionality was a pivotal task. Our mission encompassed implementing the ability to select additional services (such as breakfast, extra bed, etc.) during hotel room bookings. These services featured distinct price options, and multilingual support was a crucial requirement.
SoftSolutions4U Team did a fabulous job of creating a complex Craft Commerce Plugin for Post Finance. The plugin works perfectly and is very easy to use.
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