Sid Neigum -

An online retail shop designed for purchasing event dresses in the glamorous Red Carpet style.

SidNeigum and what is unique about it?

Sid Neigum is a renowned fashion designer, celebrated for his exceptional talent in crafting exquisite dresses tailor-made for the grandeur of the Red Carpet. His collection boasts a diverse array of sizes and a captivating spectrum of colors to cater to a wide range of preferences and individual styles. With a global clientele in mind, Sid Neigum ensures that his masterpieces are accessible to fashion enthusiasts all around the world.
His dresses are not confined by geographical boundaries; they are meticulously shipped worldwide, allowing anyone with a penchant for luxury and elegance to experience the allure of his Red Carpet creations. Whether you're in the heart of a bustling metropolis or nestled in a quiet countryside, Sid Neigum's creations can make their way to your doorstep, bringing a touch of glamour and sophistication to your special events.

Technology Stack

The new Technology Stack consisted of Shopify CMS , MySQL and JavaScript

Shopify – CMS

MYSQL – Backend


Changes in the collection page, editorial page subscription box

Modifying elements on a Shopify website, such as the collection page, editorial page, and subscription box, can present a range of challenges.

First, ensuring a seamless user experience across these pages while making changes requires careful planning and testing to prevent any disruptions or glitches.

Additionally, integrating custom features, like a subscription box, often involves coding and design work, which can be complex and time-consuming, especially if one lacks technical expertise.

Coordinating changes across different pages to maintain a consistent brand identity and design can be a challenge as well.

Moreover, any alterations may affect SEO performance, so thorough optimization and monitoring are essential.

Finally, user feedback and data analysis are crucial for refining these modifications, making it essential to continuously adapt and improve these elements while addressing customer preferences and usability concerns. In the dynamic world of e-commerce, flexibility and responsiveness are key to overcoming these challenges.

Addressing these challenges perfectly is a testament to our dedication and expertise in managing the changes to the collection page, editorial page, and subscription box on our Shopify site

Currency conversion

Soft Solutions4U successfully implemented automatic currency conversion on their Shopify website to enhance the shopping experience for their international customers. Leveraging Shopify’s built-in multi-currency feature, they efficiently managed the display of product prices in multiple currencies directly from their Shopify admin. Soft Solutions4U also integrated geo-location tools to auto-detect customer locations and present the corresponding currency, simplifying the user experience.

In addition, Soft Solutions4U explored currency conversion apps from the Shopify App Store, selecting popular choices like “Auto Multi Currency Converter” and “Currency Converter Plus” to provide real-time currency conversions and exchange rate updates. They carefully configured rounding rules and customized currency symbols and formats, maintaining pricing consistency across various currencies.

To ensure a seamless checkout process, Soft Solutions4U worked to integrate compatible payment gateways that supported their chosen currencies, both with Shopify Payments and third-party processors. They regularly updated exchange rates to reflect accurate pricing and conducted rigorous testing from the perspective of customers in different regions to verify the functionality of the currency conversion process.

Legal and tax implications were considered, and Soft Solutions4U established a system for displaying prices and handling transactions in different currencies that complied with relevant regulations. They also prioritized customer support by offering assistance through FAQs and responsive support channels to address any questions or concerns related to currency conversion. This diligent approach by Soft Solutions4U has resulted in an improved shopping experience for their international clientele.

Other Technologies