Non government and non profit organization of young people.
Non profit international organization of young people

Junior Chamber International

JCI or Junior Chamber International – a non profit, non governmental organization of young people from 18 to 40 wanted to consolidate their different chapters or LOMs through one single web portal. Their primary objective was to work together, in order to deliver unified objectives ranging from weekly promotions, events, training programs and meetings.
The website was focussed on focused on maximizing the engagement of different LOMs while giving each LOM Admin the freedom to update their events, training programs and other activities through the website.
  • website and CRM for Business Association build on Cloudrexx
  • website and CRM for BusinessAssociation
  • Junior Chamber International website and CRM build on Cloudrexx
  • web portal for Business Association build using Cloudrexx


The solution required a robust and dynamic CMS which can support the much needed Multi Level complex authorization process which allowed only LOM admin and National admin to update their events and restrict view based on their LOM and designation.

1. Solution

Robust Content Management System – Cloudrexx was used
The award winning Cloudrexx Content Management System with an inbuilt CRM and Event management module was the best choice.
Cloudrexx allowed easy edits of text and images. This gave the organisation maximum freedom and convenience to add their latest news, create new events effortlessly, ensuring that stakeholders are aware of the latest activities

2. We delivered

Website design.
The robust Calendar module was extended by us to allow administrators to set events and restrict viewership, based on their designation and status as LOM Admin or National Admin. Yes, it required a lot of programming tweaks but then that is our job.
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