Wellness Spa

Bespoke WordPress theme and responsive website design

Bespoke WordPress theme and responsive design

Bea a trained beautician and fitness therapists decided to open a ‘Wellness Spa” to relieve people of the stress and pain they suffer in their daily life. But without a web site she was at a major disadvantage, missing out on potential customers who were searching for her services online.
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  • Bespoke WordPress theme and responsive design
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Wellness Spa

Not having a web site is almost like not having a telephone. So Bea needed an online presence and fast. Rather than expensive and short-lived print advertising, she settled on a cost-effective and long-lasting web site. She needed a design to suit her style and services.

1. Our Approach

Bespoke theme combined with the flexibility of a powerful Content Management System

Following several discussion with Bea, our creative agency partner designed a bespoke  theme and WordPress CMS seemed to be a natural choice. The web site we created blends beautiful design with practical functionality. Basing the look and feel on Bea’s Spa, we gave it a contemporary and stylised look, very clean, white and pink with images of flowers and candles throughout. It really captured the essence of the services she offered.

2. The Solution

The web site provides everything the she needed from showcasing her services to a ContactUs form for people to book appointments. WordPress CMS helped in quick and easy updates. The code was highly optimised for search engine. We provided an option for Newsletters with structured categories of services blended in an organised layout that’s easy to understand.

3. The Result

The site really grabs the attention and it exudes soothing quality of a Spa. You can almost feel that rejuvenating freshness which Bea’s Spa promises.

The site was well received by both clients and Bea.

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