‘SPA’ – a typical example of TYPO3 templates for Beauty Salons

‘SPA’ is a typical example of responsive, clean and modern Multipurpose TYPO3 Templates.

TYPO3 Template for Beauty Salons

‘SPA’ is a typical example of responsive, clean and modern TYPO3 Templates suitable for beauty salons. The template is designed to showcase services and sell products.
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  • TYPO3 Template for Beauty Salons
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SPA is an example of TYPO3 templates developed for Beauty Salons and Cosmetic Shops

A typical example of  Fluid  TYPO3 templates – SPA is 100% responsive, designed specifically for beauty stores, spas, salons and cosmetic stores or businesses to showcase their beauty, makeup, cosmetics and all related items. SPA beauty salon  is loaded with the best-in-class features.

‘SPA’ is easy to customize and  you can change settings for most of the pages, sections in the site based on predefined parameters.

1. TYPO3 latest version (8.7.x)

Other Features Include
  • Google Maps Extension
  • RealURL Extension
  • SEO Extension
  • Powermail Extension (contact form)
  • Core and included extension updates

2. Clean code

The code adhere to TYPO3 standard with special care to follow PSR1 and PSR2

3. Installation Instruction

You can check for installation instructions here.
To know more about Customization of TYPO3 template please check our TYPO3 tutorial in knowledge base.
You can download our FREE TYPO3 corporate template from typo3.org. The number of downloads show that this template was highly appreciated by the community. You can view the demo of Corporate TYPO3 Template here
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