Sportsparadise – Portal for selling Sports equipments and events

Project Summary

It is an unique venture whose objective is to ensure a single point Marketplace where Sports lovers can order sporting equipments online and also participate in various sporting events and classes offered by different vendors
  • hotel finder website build with prestaShop
  • PrestaShop hotel availability checking page
  • hotel booking complete page build using prestaShop
  • hotel booking website page design with prestashop
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A webportal/marketplace for selling Specialized Sports equipments and Sporting events.

Vendors can create their unique portfolio and update images and create events and set prices.


PrestaShop, MyQl, HTML CSS, JQuery. The portal is developed on PrestaShop with many modules modified to suit the project. Several new plugins have been created to integrate with the portal

Challenges and Solutions

1. Mapping of fields between Euro Tours Hotel and Bookingcore hotel details.

Challenges faced:

All data from EuroTour needed to be stored to Bookingcore  in order to be displayed in Hotel Details page of Bookingcore. Main challenge was to store data without altering the DB structure of Bookingcore.


So we stored only the fields(Hotel fields,Room fields) which were available in Bookingcore For remaining fields such as Contract Rate, Reductions etc, we  calculated realtime directly displayed along with other Hotel details.

2. Implement the EuroTour API methods to fetch the hotel data from EuroTour.

Challenges faced:

At first we use SOAP to fetch data from EuroTour. However. SOAP could not fetch all the data response plus there was a delay in response time too.


So we switched to XML interface. This solved the issue perfectly

3. Retrieve and store the data related to Hotels from EuroTour to Sportsparadise by using the Laravel task scheduling

Challenges faced:

During fetching data from EuroTour, we received the responses in different Array format for same field.


The solution was to modify the array based on the original array.

4. Push the bookings from Sportsparadise to Euro Tours 

Challenges faced:

In Bookingcore, Hotel details included number children count ,however was no field for storing the age for the children. This was a crucial information received from EuroTours.


To overcome this challenge we created the ‘age’ field for children and and calculated reduced price based on age and displayed the final price.

5. Specific pages to be designed for every notification and confirmations for every action. 

Challenges faced:

There was no page designed in BookCore to show the cron status This was a crucial information received from EuroTours.


We went back to the drawing board and brain stormed the entire flow and possible expected results of each cron job. Mapped each response and created relevant pages to display success, failed and total count for each cron.
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