Portal for selling Sports equipments and events

Project Summary

It is an unique venture whose objective is to ensure a single point Marketplace where Sports lovers can order sporting equipments online and also participate in various sporting events and classes offered by different vendors
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A webportal/marketplace for selling Specialized Sports equipments and Sporting events.

Vendors can create their unique portfolio and update images and create events and set prices.


Laravel, October CMS, MyQl, HTML CSS, JQuery. The portal is developed on Laravel with many modules deconstructed and modified to integrate with EuroTours API

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced:

Search and results from EuroTour hotels were taking nearly 5 minutes to display. This was absolutely unacceptable from the user point of View.


On further analysis, we realised that a single cron was used to detach all the details needed for Hotel booking. To enhance the speed, the query was split into multiple scheduled crons. The code was modified to reduce and remove redundant requests.


The speed increased and details were displayed within 15 seconds max.

Challenges faced:

The response from the EuroTour API was sent as an array or array of objects. However, response varied from hotel to hotel. The array values were different in different requests. This made it difficult to have a consistent operation on the array values.


So we optimised our code and instead of Array, we fetched the result based on the response set in ternary operator.

Challenges faced:

While saving updated details from Europe tours in Sportsparadise, due to the huge amount of data, the cron took way too much time. As a result, the data could not be saved properly.


After a brainstorming session of deep analysis, we checked the data and set query on Only the hotel details which are only updated and deleted. This made the operation way more efficient and reduced the amount of data which needed to be updated. The hotel details update process became much more efficient.
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