TYPO3 Upgrade for Schule untere Emme portal

The TYPO3 upgrade needed an upgrade for existing plugins too

Typo3 upgrade for  Sue.ch portal

Sue.ch, the web portal of Schule untere Emme of Switzerland, needed TYPO3 upgrade for their school portal. The portal needed to be upgraded to TYPO3 version 7.6.19. They approached  Romtec technology who in turn asked our help to address the customer’s concern. The main challenge was upgrading the plugins and existing extension. We researched and decided on the best possible solution. The implementation was  perfect which made our customer very happy.
  • website for School design using TYPO3
  • Schule untere Emme web portal on TYPO3
  • website for School build using TYPO3
  • School website build with TYPO3
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Schule Untere Emme – Upgrading sue.ch to higher version of TYPO3

Schule untere Emme had their website sue.ch developed in a older version of TYPO3. As TYPO3 upgraded to higher version,  the Administration of Schule Untere Emme felt the need to upgrade their website to a higher version of TYPO3. The decision was to upgrade the version to TYPO3 7.6.19.

SoftSolutions4u did a thorough study of the existing website and plugins. There were several plugins which needed to be upgraded but the real challenge was that certain plugins did not have upgrade for TYPO3 7.6.19. We checked and worked on each aspect and the result was a perfectly upgraded Sue.ch.

1. Moved the core files to version 7.6.x

TYPO3 plugins which were  upgraded
  1. TSConfig / TypoScript Object Reference
  2. htmlArea RTE API Manual
  3. 404 Handler
For gallery we use Another Simple gallery to show all images of a directory We also worked on
  • FancyBox
  • Minify
  • Simulate Static URLs
  • Searchbox for Indexed Search Engine
  • TEQneers SEO Enhancements
  • Nctemplate
  • OpenID authentication
The work needed highly skilled developers from our team to achieve this task successfully.

2. Clean code

Another challenge was to clean the existing code. We were entrusted with cleaning any dirty code we came across in our modules.
Which of course meant a thorough checking of the existing code.


The result was upgraded functional beautiful website free of bugs and ensuring enhanced user experience. Result – Happy, Loyal Customer.
“None of the countless website programming companies around got such a customer oriented approach like SS4U. Customer satisfaction is always on top, and no effort is spared to achieve this goal.”
Roman SteckROMTEC - C.E.O

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