Technology Solutions Partner and Marketing Partner

Technology Solution Partner

Being a Technology Solutions Partner of award-winning, highly popular robust and secure web applications has always been a challenge. Fortunately, with our highly skilled team, we have always been able to solve all technical issues perfectly and as per global standards of quality and security demands.

Marketing Solutions Partner

Becoming a Marketing Partner has been a natural progression. Not because we are Technology Solutions Partners, but because we realized the market value of such a product. To extend the reach of this universal e-commerce tool to English-speaking nations such as the United Kingdom and emerging markets like India, we joined hands with Payrexx to enable global users to reap the benefit of this awesome user-friendly product.
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Features of Payrexx

Payrexx is an universal payment service and often called the world’s easiest e-commerce tool. With only 5 clicks you can create your first payment form, which can be spread via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, email and or embedded in your website.

With Payrexx you can:

  • Start right away – no programming skills necessary
  • Sell goods and services
  • 20+  payment methods available: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, payment forms and many more
  • Create Individual payment forms
  • Make and receive all International payments, in all currencies
So it was no surprise that a 1800 strong customer base was garnered within few months of its launch.
Sounds too good to be true?

1. The Challenge

Highly secure code 
Being technology solutions partner of award winning highly popular robust and secure web application has always been a challenge. Fortunately with our highly skilled team we have always been able to solve all technical issues perfectly and as per global standards of quality and security demands

2. Geo Coded

Payrexx being a global e-commerce tool, we needed to ensure the site was as robust as possible for all users. We needed to ensure the website was localised for visitors from different countries. To ensure optimal user experience, any anonymous users who landed on the Payrexx site were Geocoded so they are automatically directed to their respective Product Pricing page and Sign Up form as per their geographical location.

3. Clean and optimized website

We developed the website which not only serves as a sales and information tool, but also allows customers to easily navigate through the web pages regardless of the device they’re viewing with or their preferred language.
Each page and forms are clean and well optimised for smartphones and other hand  held devices

4. The Result

Payrexx was extremely well received. So it was no surprise that this Universal E Commerce tool grew to a 1800+ customer case in a few month’s of its launch.
“Payrexx has been working with SS4U since five years. Their high quality services makes us glad to have decided to work with them. Feedback gets delivered and adopted to daily business operations quickly and smoothly.”

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