Medical Marijuana Growth Tracker


About Medical Marijuana Growth Tracker Software

The CEO/Founder of an USA based Technology firm, approached SS4U to develop a Medical Marijuana plant growth tracking Web App. With a distributed team, SS4U was an ideal choice for the CTO who resided in Europe, since it allowed him enough overlap time to collaborate with the SS4U development team and CEO who resided in USA.
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Growth Tracker


Since most North American states required tracking of every marijuana plant grown, this software ensured that each stage of Cannabis growth was tracked and easily reported. The Tracking software connected to METRC (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance) Web API, allowed developers to interact with the METRC regulatory compliance system. The primary GOAL of the application was to monitor the plant growth through the different stage of 1:Seedling, 2. Vegetation, 3. Flowering 4 Drying, 5 Plant Batches 6 Packages.

Technology Stack

The technology stack proposed was Vue.js and PHP. Vue.js was used to design the Admin Dashboard. For the rest of the operations we used PHP, which included developing a PHP library to communicate with METRC API.

Key Features

    • Real-time information availability
    • Scalability
    • Choice of Cloud or on-premises solutions
    • Automation and streamlining of workflow and processes – example, adding the plant details, room details where plants are nurtured throughout the growth phase etc.
    • Multi-location management – The web application allowed addition of Multiple Facilities where Marijuana was cultivated
    • Interactive and user-friendly graphical interfaces- The UI/UX were carefully crafted to enhance User Experience. The DashBoard was completely responsive adjusting seamlessly to different screen sizes and browsers.


In our VUE app, some data’s are commonly need for all other pages. For getting each data’s we need to send a AJAX request to API, so the request will be sent every time we navigate into pages. Due to this number of request is increasing and same requests will be sending on every page load.


We used the vuejs ‘State management’ concept to solved this issue. So once the data is taken from the DB then we stored it in the state. While navigate to other page, needed data taken from the state instead of sending a new ajax request.
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