Extremely successful web portal for booking hotel rooms at 1/2 price

Bug correction, new modules development, support & maintenance

Hotelcard.ch and what is unique about it?

It is an unique venture whose objective is to promote tourism in different European countries by achieving better room occupancy rates and making attractive hotel offers available to potential guests.
HotelCard is the world’s first 50% discount card for hotels.
Potential customer need to buy a ‘Hotelcard‘ which allows you to stay at hundreds of hotels in different countries of Europe for half-price
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HotelCard – The technical challenges and solutions

Launched in year 2009 Hotelcard.ch gained popularity quickly making it one of the most visited web portals.

The user need to buy a HotelCard an investment which can recovered after just one or two night’s stay and can be used as often as you want. It offers 1, 2 and 3 years subscription model.

As the website grew in popularity, new features were introduced and unfortunately few bugs also crept in with the implementation.

HotelCard team approached us for detecting the bugs, cleaning the site, add new modules and take care of long term maintenance. We needed to work along with their internal IT team which meant a perfect collaboration was needed with an overseas team to make this project a success. Since Hotelcard was developed on Cloudrexx CMS our prior thorough knowledge of  the CMS made the task easier.

1. Numerous Bug correction

Bug correction for a live website was greatest challenge.
SoftSolutions4U took over the maintenance and bug correction job way after the website was launched. The challenge was to understand the existing code, find  the error, brain storm a solution. We also needed to search for existing reusable components or classes and then apply in appropriate places while rectifying the bugs.
The job was tedious as well as intricate and needed high skilled developers to a achieve high level of perfection that such a popular website needed.

2. Ensuring a responsive website throughout

The most crucial part was ensuring responsiveness of the website while correcting all CSS and JavaScript issues.
This meant that we needed to check into all existing CSS classes and ensure that our solution does not clash with any existing CSS and disturb the responsive view of the portal.
The work needed highly skilled designers from our team to achieve this task successfully.

3. Clean code

Another challenge was to clean the existing code. For some reason the previous developers had left a lot of dirty code. We were entrusted with cleaning any dirty code we came across in our modules.
Which of course meant a thorough checking of the existing code.

4. Result

The result was a beautiful website free of bugs and ensuring a smooth user experience.
For your information, HotelCard has become our long term customer
“We’ve been working together for more than 7 years and I am very grateful for the customer-oriented service.” I can full heartedly recommend SS4U to all professional companies.”
Fabio Bolognese
Fabio Bolognese

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