Very successful Swiss web portal for booking hotel rooms at 1/2 price and what is unique about it?

It is an unique venture whose objective is to promote tourism in different European countries by achieving better room occupancy rates and making attractive hotel offers available to potential guests.
HotelCard is the world’s first 50% discount card for hotels.
Potential customer need to buy a ‘Hotelcard’ which allows you to stay at hundreds of hotels in different countries of Europe for half-price
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Hotelcard- Technical Challenges and Solutions

As the website grew in popularity, new features were introduced and previous CMS could not take up the new challenges.
Therefore the Management decided to change the Framework to Laravel
As a long standing technical team of HotelCard, SS4U was approached to re-develop the portal in the New Technology Stack ground up.

Technology Used

Technology Stack included:
Laravel for Front End.
MySQl, JQuery
October CMS for Backend Administration and Dashboard

1.Integrating Elastic Search

Integrated Elastic Search on the website. Elasticsearch allowed to store, search, and analyze huge volumes of data  scraped Hotel data, quickly and in near real-time and give back answers in milliseconds.

2. Integrated HotelSpider’, ‘YieldPlanet’ and ‘VerticalBooking

The Challenge was to integrate  the three channel managers ‘HotelSpider’, ‘YieldPlanet’ and ‘VerticalBooking’ into the Hotelcard. After a brainstorming session, we used  HTTP RAW POST for ‘HotelSpider’, ‘YieldPlanet’ and SOAP for ‘VerticalBooking’  and developed a new Integration API.

3. Developed a complex pricing algorithm

Developed a complex pricing algorithm which enabled the hotels to sell rooms on different discount rates and also enabled the hotelier to set different pricing based on the different time periods.

4. Report Generation in Tableau

UTM params values needed to be saved to display reports on how many Users purchased the hotelcard. The data were used for Google analytics and Tableau report generation. The solution was to use middleware to save the UTM values in session then session values stored while placing the order.
” Sharmistha and her SS4U team have done an excellent job in implementing and enhancing our e-commerce platform. Hotelcard is working very closely with their dev team and this close collaboration has paid off for us. Looking forward to continuing this fruitful partnership.”  

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