Freson Bros

A website for farm fresh grocery store Project summary

A web portal developed in WordPress for a family run grocery store based in Alberta, Canada.
  • wordpress food order website
  • Freson Bros food order website build on wordpress
  • website flyer page build with wordpress
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Freson Bros is a Family owned business operating since 1955. It’s dedicated to providing Albertans with the freshest food, convenient options, and healthy choices.

Technology used


Special features or modules used

Awesomes Flip Boxes Image Overlay is a responsive WordPress plugin that lets you add a box to the screen that will flip through the items within the box.
We used this Flipbox plugin effect in this link(healthy-savings-flyer) .

Technical Challenge -1

The major hurdle we faced was to make the website responsive, What is a cakewalk in most projects, here proved to be a hurdle. With various images, and overlay and intricate spacing between each image, getting a pixel perfect resolutions across all browsers proved to be cumbersome. Mobile and Desktop version had images of different sizes.


So we decided to use different image sizes for different resolutions. Also had to work through the pixel perfect resolution for every device.    

Technical Challenge -2

In Careers Page-  We implemented box modal form for users to apply  for various openings with respective positions based on locations with filter. There were no ready made plugin available to achieve this   


We used Visual Composer and customized to implement the form for based on locations with filters.    
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