Online dating website packed with complex algorithm
WordPress development. WooCommerce & BuddyPress plugin extension, new plugin creation and responsive design

After5date and what is unique about it?

A bright, cheerful online dating website, packed with complex algorithm and load of fun. After5date offers a completely free registration and ‘search for matching partners’ with a competitive pricing for messaging and virtual gifts.
No catches. No risks. No worries.
All members receive notification about suitable matches after 5 p.m. everyday, to ensure that one can browse their suitable matches in a relaxed mood after a day’s hard work. They say ‘There is someone out there for you’. So join us at After5date to find ‘that special someone’. For your information we have had many more dates with “After5Date”
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After5date- The technical challenges and solutions

After5date was formed to create a new, exciting German online dating community with great features and no hidden extras. After5date asked Soft Solutions4U to create a site from scratch with emphasis on a special ‘Search‘ function which matched each member according to their preference and displayed the matching ratio as a percentage against each other member profile. It required a complex algorithm.

What followed was a brain storming session to design an extremely complex algorithm which coupled BuddyPress and WooCommerce and calculated the result based on hidden number set by site Admin

1. Match making quotient

Creating a new plugin for BuddyPress
After5date has a unique matchmaking feature which displays a matching making  percentage counter against each member profile to help member know which profile matches them best. The percentage is based on a complex algorithm which matches each members based on their personal preference and hidden number assigned to each profile.

2. Credit based Messaging System

The messaging needed a subscription. ‘Messages’ being virtual commodity could not be directly integrated with WooCommerce. Therefore we extended the WooCommerce plugin to accommodate this complex feature. Stripe was integrated as the Payment Gateway.

3. Clean code and responsive website

Bootstrap allowed us to integrate responsive element in each interface. Based on a complete MVC architecture, this ensured a clean, decoupled, code base that separated design aspect from business logic

4. Result

The result was bright, cheerful site that was easy and safe and with complex algorithm and function hidden behind loads of fun .
For your information, we have had many more dates with ‘After5date’
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