Complex e-commerce project where we had to integrate CodyHouse with Craft Commerce

Project Summary

It was a complex e-commerce project where we had to integrate CodyHouse with Craft CMS.

The project included use of Craft Commerce for Shopping cart while the static Frontend pages were designed in CodyHouse.

The main idea was to use a lightweight framework for frontend to build accessible, bespoke interfaces for an E-commerce website. 

Our main target is to use only CodyHouse Framework components for building the different pages of the website and integrate with the Craft-Commerce modules for the Shopping cart and Checkout process.

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Technology used

Craft CMS (Backend – admin panel)
Craft Commerce
CodyHouse (Frontend)
HTML5, SASS, JavaScript


We faced problem while integrating CraftCMS with CodyHouse.


  1. Created a fresh CraftCMS package.
  2. Updated CodyHouse files manually into Craft package and updated the CodyHouse via composer.
  3. Modified some functions to load the styling from CodyHouse into CraftCMS


While loading Craft CMS website, the homepage was loaded from the default page.


  1. Updated composer with required details.
  2. Updated default Home page path to direct to custom file and modified styling locations to custom folder.
  3. Rebuild the package with Composer which updates the style files on a particular path.
  4. Now, when each page was loaded, CSS styles were received from custom path.
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