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Website design, development and design of Landing page

About FC and Associates

If you need to do your accounts or file tax returns or prepare payroll for your company, you need an expert to guide you, then where do you go? To the Chartered Accountant, of course!!
It is not as simple as it sounds. You need to find a reliable firm who can protect you in a sea of sharks. FC associates & Co. is one such firm. Located in London, they help SMEs solve critical strategic issue, provide deep market insight & unlimited Customer Service 24/7.
FC Associates approached SoftSolutions4U to develop a brand new website that was fresh and contemporary with keen focus on SMEs and Corporates.
  • WordPress Site for Accountant app & website home page
  • Chartered Accountant firm webiste build using WordPress
  • WordPress Site for Accountant service tablet view
  • WordPress chartered accountant firm website and app
  • Accountants website get quote page build on WordPress


FC and Associates, a London based Chartered Accountant firm approached us to build their website, optimize it for the Search Engines and create a Landing Page for Google Ads.

1. The Challenge

The need for complete control
FC Associates needed a website which is reliable and requested a complete control on the content without having to approach us time and again for every small updates to the website.
They also needed the site to be Optimised and create an attractive Landing page which would ensure more signups and quality leads from their Google Ads

2. Our Strategy

We decided to go ahead with the latest version of  WordPress as the Content Management System.
With a visual composer installed as a plugin, all updates became a cake walk for the management who has little knowledge of computer programming but why should they know about programming.?

3. Our Philosophy – ‘you do your work, lets do ours’

When it came to theme, we spoiled them for choice, presenting them with several different payouts and design. We also developed a eye grabbing Landing page for them with the right offer ensuring quality lead generation.
The design they chose was one which reflected their image – contemporary and confident

4. Result

FC and Associates was extremely happy with the results. Now they have complete control over their website.
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