New kind of Human Powered Vehicle

Responsive website in WordPress, design refresh and development to showcase the product to Venture Capitalists

About 3Rfitbike

3RFitbike is a new kind of human powered vehicle (HPV). It combines the practicalities of a car and a bicycle fused together in one. Ideal for commuting, leisure and school runs with its adaptability of extra seats where families can enjoy a safer ride with children. It offers an eco friendly, cost effective and efficient mode of transport. The concept is unique and brilliant but their amateurish looking website failed to attract any venture capitalist or receive crowd funding.
  • the bike blog faq page build on WordPress
  • WordPress 3rfitbike features page
  • 3rfitbike human powered vehicle app and website created using WordPress
  • 3rfitbike WordPress website for car and bicycle


3RFitbike needed a design refresh and a responsive website built on WordPress. We first met  Nelson, the founder of 3RFitbike, at our stand in ‘The Business Show – London Excel 2016’. Like many Startups, 3RFitbike’s website hadn’t evolved with the product. With an incredibly innovative product, he wanted a site that would reflect the true worth of the brand to prospective venture capitalists.

Soft Solutions4U was asked to rebuild the website, making it both visually engaging and an effective sales tool.

1. The Challenge

Existing website failed to impress
When they came to us, 3RFitbike had a site, but failed to represent the uniqueness of their product and their value proposition. The existing website was without a content management system (CMS). They relied solely on their limited knowledge of HTML & CSS to make updates and changes.
The work was often patchy and resulted in an amateurish looking website. It was dated and wasn’t optimised for mobile access either.

2. Our Approach

The journey was unclear, and contact details and value propositions were missing.
With faults as basic as this, the objectives were simple – rebuild the site with robust WordPress CMS, streamline the navigation and present a clear value proposition.

3. Content Management System

Our other missions were to boost funding offers, encourage social media, keep the site up-to-date with news and inspiring stories and make it easy to update.
The client needed a high level of control over the content, which required great flexibility in the Content Management System we implemented. We selected WordPress CMS while customising and expanding it with ‘Live Composer’ to suit the client’s specific needs.

4. Solution

Clutter was removed, structure was simplified. The 5 page website was combined into 1 responsive design with vibrant and strong colours as red and black. The uniqueness of the product and the value proposition was simplified, made accessible and presented to the venture capitalists in a slick and coherent fashion.

5. The result

In a short span of time, 3RFitbike’s online presence was elevated to a position far above that of their competitors. Venture capitalists started taking note of this unique product.
You too have look and see if you would like to to fund this awesome eco friendly product which is the need of the day.
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