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Bärenapotheke partners with for innovative pharmacy services

Online Apotheke and what is unique about it?

Online Apotheke serves as an online pharmacy, providing a comprehensive range of medications. What sets it apart is its commitment to customers' well-being.
This Swiss pharmacy passionately offers not only medicinal solutions but also valuable insights through an extensive health blog.
Through this platform, they share their medical expertise, offering guidance on self-medication, and recommending appropriate health products.
Their aim is to empower visitors to maintain good health and well-being, making it a one-stop destination for healthcare needs and knowledge.

Technology Stack

The new Technology Stack consisted of Shopify CMS, MySQL and JavaScript

Shopify – CMS

MYSQL – Backend


Created Zipify Landing Page

To implement Zipify Pages on Online Apotheke, the following steps were undertaken:

App Installation:

1. Access the Online Apotheke Shopify admin panel.

2. Search for and install the “Zipify Pages” app from the Shopify App Store.

App Access:

3. After installation, open the Zipify Pages app from within the Online Apotheke Shopify dashboard.

Page Creation:

4. Initiate the page creation process by selecting “Create a New Page” or a similar option.

5. Choose between using a template or starting from scratch.

Design Customization:

6. Customize the page layout using the app’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, incorporating text, images, videos, and other elements to match Online Apotheke’ branding and objectives.

Product Page Integration:

7. Seamlessly integrate Online Apotheke’ product listings into the Zipify Pages for product-focused pages and configure product-related settings.

Customization of Page Settings:

8. Tailor the page settings to align with Online Apotheke’ SEO requirements, integrate tracking codes, and add any necessary custom scripts.

Mobile Optimization:

9. Ensure the created pages are optimized for exceptional performance and display on mobile devices.

Page Publication:

10. Preview the pages to ensure they meet the desired standards before going live.

Execute the publication process by clicking “Publish.”

Domain Integration (If Necessary):

11. Configure domain settings within the Shopify environment if a custom domain is intended for the Zipify Pages on Online Apotheke.

Monitoring Analytics:

12. Continuously monitor the performance of the Zipify Pages using built-in analytics provided by the app or by integrating external tracking tools.

By following these steps, Zipify Landing Pages were successfully integrated into OnlineApotheke, creating pages and funnels designed to drive high conversions. Customization of content and design played a pivotal role in aligning the pages with OnlineApotheke’s objectives, whether they centered on lead generation, sales, or other specific conversions.

Integrating Payrexx

Online-Apotheke wanted Payrexx  to be one of the Payment Gateways. Being proficient in Payrexx development, we  could easily achieve this. This yielded a streamlined and secure payment process,

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: We initiated the integration project by conducting a thorough assessment of the onlineapotheke Shopify store’s requirements.
  • Customized Development: Leveraging our expertise as Payrexx developers, we engineered tailored solutions and custom code to ensure a seamless integration of Payrexx with the Shopify platform.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Payrexx was seamlessly integrated as a payment gateway, enabling secure and efficient transactions for pharmaceutical products on the platform.
  • Stringent Testing and Quality Assurance: We performed extensive testing and quality assurance to guarantee the Payrexx integration’s flawless operation, resulting in an uninterrupted shopping experience for customers.

Other Functionalities

Our team at Soft Solutions4U introduced several enhancements for OnlineApotheke, including:

  • Optimizing the Home and Product Pages: We improved the design and content on the home and product pages to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Shopify Customization: We made specific modifications to the Shopify platform to better align with OnlineApotheke’s needs.

We have been working with Soft Solutions4U for the past 15 years and we are very happy with them.

Ivan Schmid

Founder,  Payrexx

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