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Ocean Sports is recognized as Canada's largest specialty store for scuba diving and water sports. They hold the distinction of being Canada's leading expert in wakeboarding, scuba/snorkeling, waterskiing, and SUP/kayaking

OceanSports and what is unique about it?

Ocean Sports offers the best white glove experience to its customers, whether they shop in-store or online. The store collaborates with customers from both the local area and across Canada, and one of their distinct pleasures is the opportunity to meet long-time customers in person, even after years of correspondence over the phone and via email. Their commitment goes beyond the initial purchase, as their staff not only helps you find the right product but also continues to provide ongoing service for your watersports needs.

The sports of scuba diving, water skiing, and wakeboarding necessitate continuous maintenance and service, and Ocean Sports excels in this aspect with trained technicians in-store who ensure that your equipment is maintained to the proper manufacturer’s standards.
As a PADI 5-star dive facility, they are dedicated to training safe and knowledgeable scuba divers of all ages.
What sets Ocean Sports apart is their remarkable product selection, competitive prices, and unwavering dedication to exceptional service, making them one of Canada’s premier retailers for diving, water skiing, and water sports.
Whether you’re seeking information or assistance with any of your water sport needs, Ocean Sports is the go-to destination. They encourage their satisfied customers to spread the word, and for those who encounter any issues, they are eager to hear your feedback and will work diligently to resolve it.


Technology Stack

The new Technology Stack consisted of Shopify CMS, MySQL and JavaScript

Shopify – CMS

MYSQL – Backend


Changes to Zipify Page

To implement Zipify Pages on Oceansports.ca, the following steps were undertaken:

  • App Installation:
    • The Shopify admin panel on Oceansports.ca was accessed.
    • In the Shopify App Store, the “Zipify Pages” app was searched for and installed.
  • App Access:
    • After installation, the Zipify Pages app was opened from within the Oceansports.ca Shopify dashboard.
  • Page Creation:
    • The page creation process was initiated by selecting “Create a New Page” or a similar option.
    • A choice was made between using a template or starting from scratch.
  • Design Customization:
    • Utilizing the app’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, the page layout was customized, incorporating text, images, videos, and other relevant elements to match Oceansports.ca’s branding and objectives.
  • Product Page Integration:
    • For product-focused pages, Oceansports.ca’s product listings were seamlessly integrated into the Zipify Pages, and product-related settings were configured.
  • Customization of Page Settings:
    • The page settings were tailored to align with Oceansports.ca’s SEO requirements, tracking codes were integrated, and any necessary custom scripts were added.
  • Mobile Optimization:
    • Ensuring that the created pages were optimized for exceptional performance and display on mobile devices.
  • Page Publication:
    • Before going live, the pages were previewed to ensure they met the desired standards.
    • Once satisfied, the publication process was executed by clicking “Publish.”
  • Domain Integration (If Necessary):
    • If a custom domain was intended to be used for the Zipify Pages on Oceansports.ca, domain settings were configured within the Shopify environment.
  • Monitoring Analytics:
    • The performance of the Zipify Pages was continuously monitored by leveraging the built-in analytics provided by the app or by integrating external tracking tools.
  • Testing and Iteration:
    • An ongoing process of testing and making iterative improvements to the pages was committed to, enhancing performance and achieving specific conversion goals.
  • Marketing and Promotion:
    • Efforts were made to promote the Zipify Pages and drive traffic, boosting sales for Oceansports.ca.

By following these steps, Zipify Pages were successfully integrated into Oceansports.ca, creating pages and funnels designed to drive high conversions. Customization of content and design played a pivotal role in aligning the pages with Oceansports.ca’s objectives, whether they centered on lead generation, sales, or other specific conversions.


Ensuring Responsive View

We’ve diligently ensured the comprehensive responsiveness of the oceansports website, leaving no room for compromise. Extensive testing has been conducted on diverse browsers, an array of devices, and various operating systems to confirm its flawless performance and adaptability across the digital landscape.

Other Functionalities

Our involvement encompassed several key functions like :

Sticky Menu Implementation:

    • We enhanced the website’s user experience by implementing a sticky menu. This ensured that the navigation menu remains visible and accessible to users as they scroll down the page, making it easier for them to explore the website’s offerings.
  • Mega Menu Enhancement:
    • We focused on improving the mega menu, which plays a vital role in website navigation. This entailed creating a more intuitive and organized menu structure, making it simpler for visitors to discover and access various sections and products on Oceansports.ca.
  • Discount Integration:
    • We seamlessly integrated discount features into the website. This enabled Oceansports.ca to offer promotions, special deals, and discounts to customers, enhancing the site’s appeal and encouraging sales.
  • Product Page Design:
    • Our team dedicated efforts to design product pages that are both visually appealing and informative. These pages provide detailed information about products, enticing potential customers and facilitating well-informed purchasing decisions.

Our contributions to Oceansports.ca on the Shopify platform encompassed these functions, each aimed at improving the website’s functionality, user experience, and marketing capabilities.