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MyCaucasus Travel specializes in the Caucasus, offering unique, authentic travel experiences in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

MyCaucasus and what is unique about it?

MyCaucasus Travel, a Georgian-Swiss travel agency, specializes in the Caucasus region, offering both group tours and personalized trips in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.
Their unique mission is to provide guests with unforgettable, authentic travel experiences while promoting tourism in the Caucasus region.
MyCaucasus Travel distinguishes itself by facilitating an authentic and intimate connection with the local culture, enabling travellers to experience these countries not as tourists, but as honoured guests., established in May 2018, is a dynamic tourism website that continually evolves to cater to diverse travel interests. Its standout characteristic is the extraordinary range of tours it provides. These tours are a testament to authenticity, excitement, and are designed to offer profoundly captivating experiences that appeal to the most adventurous souls.’s commitment to delivering exceptional and unique adventures has positioned it as a prime destination for travellers seeking unforgettable, life-changing journeys.


Technology Stack

Technology Stack – JavaScript, MySQL and PHP




Geo IP Location and tackling language diversity in a single country

Developed within the Cloudrexx CMS platform, this website boasts numerous distinctive features. One of the most challenging tasks involved automatically identifying a visitor’s IP address and adapting the website’s language to align with the visitor’s geographic location and language preference. 

While GEO-IP location posed no significant difficulties, a complex issue emerged when a single country, like Switzerland, encompassed regions with distinct languages. The client’s requirement for the website to display in both German and French for the German-speaking regions and in English for the French and Italian-speaking regions posed a coding challenge. 

With several coding updates, we successfully addressed this issue. The flexibility of the Cloudrexx CMS played a pivotal role in accommodating such intricate technical challenges.

Real time currency conversion

To cater to a global audience of tourists, it was imperative that tour and travel costs be automatically converted into the local currency. Managing the ever-changing currency exchange rates posed a significant challenge. To address this, we established a scheduled task, or “cron job,” that daily retrieved the latest exchange rates from Google Currency and stored them in our database. As a result, every visitor could access real-time, dynamic currency conversion rates and view tour costs in their preferred local currency. This solution ensured that travellers from around the world had a seamless and up-to-date experience when considering tour expenses.

To deliver an optimal user experience, we implemented a geo-coding system that automatically directs anonymous users to their respective Product Pricing page and Sign Up form based on their geographical location. This approach ensures that every user seamlessly accesses the most relevant information and services.

Other Technologies

Sleek, User-Friendly and Responsive Website

Given the absence of a mobile app, it became essential to ensure that the website was fully compatible with handheld devices. The most critical aspect of this endeavor was guaranteeing the website’s responsiveness across all contemporary devices, browsers, and screen resolutions.

This required meticulous implementation of precise CSS classes, all while ensuring that our solution did not interfere with the user interface or user experience on various devices, maintaining the website’s responsive layout. Accomplishing this task successfully demanded the expertise of highly skilled designers within our team.

Enhancing Elastic Search Functionality

Revamping the search functionality was a pivotal task. Our mission encompassed implementing the ability to select additional services (such as breakfast, extra bed, etc.) during hotel room bookings. These services featured distinct price options, and multilingual support was a crucial requirement.