LoveBug Probiotics is a renowned online store for premium probiotic supplements, meticulously crafted to enhance gut health.

LoveBug Probiotics and what is unique about it?

LoveBug Probiotics distinguishes itself through its unique narrative. Motivated by personal health challenges, the founders embarked on a journey to develop highly effective probiotics. Their unwavering commitment to crafting top-tier probiotic solutions underscores their exceptional quality and dedication to improving digestive health. This dedication sets them apart as a standout probiotic brand.

The journey of LoveBugProbiotics began with a concern for well-being. Amid the birth of their son, a health struggle unfolded for the Co-founders. Health issues stemming from an imbalance of gut bacteria prompted a quest. Following thorough research and partnership with leading scientists, LoveBug Probiotics was born.

Their products represent their commitment to delivering the best. With BIO-tract® technology, they ensure their probiotics survive the challenges of digestion.

Their specialized blend of strains offers optimal benefits, delivering billions of beneficial microorganisms to your gut. Free from undesirable ingredients, their probiotics are third-party tested, adhering to the highest quality standards for your well-being


Technology Stack

The new Technology Stack consisted of Shopify CMS, MySQL and JavaScript

Shopify – CMS

MYSQL – Backend


Created Zipify Landing Page

To implement Zipify Pages on LoveBugProbiotics, the following steps were undertaken:

App Installation:

1. Access the LoveBugProbiotics Shopify admin panel.

2. Search for and install the “Zipify Pages” app from the Shopify App Store.

App Access:

3. After installation, open the Zipify Pages app from within the LoveBugProbiotics Shopify dashboard.

Page Creation:

4. Initiate the page creation process by selecting “Create a New Page” or a similar option.

5. Choose between using a template or starting from scratch.

Design Customization:

6. Customize the page layout using the app’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, incorporating text, images, videos, and other elements to match LoveBugProbiotics’ branding and objectives.

Product Page Integration:

7. Seamlessly integrate LoveBugProbiotics’ product listings into the Zipify Pages for product-focused pages and configure product-related settings.

Customization of Page Settings:

8. Tailor the page settings to align with LoveBugProbiotics’ SEO requirements, integrate tracking codes, and add any necessary custom scripts.

Mobile Optimization:

9. Ensure the created pages are optimized for exceptional performance and display on mobile devices.

Page Publication:

10. Preview the pages to ensure they meet the desired standards before going live.

Execute the publication process by clicking “Publish.”

Domain Integration (If Necessary):

11. Configure domain settings within the Shopify environment if a custom domain is intended for the Zipify Pages on LoveBugProbiotics.

Monitoring Analytics:

12. Continuously monitor the performance of the Zipify Pages using built-in analytics provided by the app or by integrating external tracking tools.

By following these steps, Zipify Landing Pages were successfully integrated into LoveBugProbiotics, creating pages and funnels designed to drive high conversions. Customization of content and design played a pivotal role in aligning the pages with LoveBugProbiotics’ objectives, whether they centered on lead generation, sales, or other specific conversions.

Changes in bundles and upsell funnel

In the Lovebugprobiotics Shopify project, the team made several significant enhancements, particularly related to product bundling and upselling funnels. These changes included:

  1. Bundles without a Subscription: The implementation of product bundles that customers can purchase without committing to a subscription. This gives customers the flexibility to buy bundled products without a recurring order.

  2. Product Bundles & Subscriptions Customization: Customization of the product details page to seamlessly integrate bundles and subscription options. This ensures that customers can easily view and select the bundled products and subscription plans, enhancing their shopping experience on the Shopify platform.

Other Functionalities

Our team at Soft Solutions4U introduced several enhancements for LoveBugProbiotics, including:

  • Subscription Activation for Unreviewed Products: We enabled subscription options for products that hadn’t received reviews.
  • Optimizing the Home and Product Pages: We improved the design and content on the home and product pages to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Incorporating Social Media: We integrated social media elements to boost LoveBugProbiotics’ online presence.
  • WooCommerce Customization: We made specific modifications to the WooCommerce platform to better align with LoveBugProbiotics’ needs.

SS4U is an absolute pleasure to work with! Their attention to detail, transparency with deliverables and honest timelines are second to none. I strongly recommend working with Shar & SS4U and look forward to the vast amount of projects we will be working on together.

Dan Jordan


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