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An e-commerce portal which redefines comfort and style of women sleepwear and loungewear while championing social, eco-change in fashion industry.

Hernest project and what is unique about it?

The Hernest project is dedicated to redefining the way women experience sleepwear and loungewear, ensuring a harmonious fusion of both comfort and style. Beyond fashion, it is committed to confronting the underlying social and environmental issues that have plagued the apparel industry for years, advocating for a more sustainable and equitable future. Hernest's ultimate aim is to challenge the status quo and be a force for change within our industry, utilizing innovative business practices to inspire a global shift towards a better world.

The Hernest project was initiated by its owner due to the unavailability of eco-friendly, versatile sleepwear and loungewear.
Frustrated by the conventional fashion industry’s environmental and social shortcomings, the owner sought to create a business that prioritizes sustainability and envisions a future where companies can flourish while benefiting the planet and communities.
This commitment to a different approach is reflected in every aspect of Hernest’s designs and operations.


Technology Stack

The new Technology Stack consisted of Shopify CMS , MySQL and JavaScript

Shopify – CMS

MYSQL – Backend


To ensure that Canadian buyers gets free shipping for Lifetime

Within the Hernest project, a significant technical hurdle was ensuring that all Canadian customers receive a lifetime of free shipping.

This goal required customization of key Shopify functions, including:

  • Shipping Rules Modification: Adapting the shipping rules in Shopify to exempt Canadian customers from shipping charges.
  • Geo-Location Integration: Implementing geolocation features to identify customers’ locations and apply the free shipping privilege to Canadian addresses.
  • Customer Database Management: Maintaining a comprehensive database of Canadian customers to enable the automatic application of free shipping during their lifetime.

These modifications were essential in achieving the objective of providing lifelong free shipping to all Canadian buyers.

Ensuring Responsive View

We’ve diligently ensured the comprehensive responsiveness of the hernestproject website, leaving no room for compromise. Extensive testing has been conducted on diverse browsers, an array of devices, and various operating systems to confirm its flawless performance and adaptability across the digital landscape.

Other Technologies