CV BrandMe -

CVbrandme provides Pre-written content to build a digital resume in a few clicks.

CVbrandne and what is unique about it?

CV BrandMe provides users with exclusive templates and designs to create a unique CV. The site also offers pre-written content to help users build a digital resume in just a few clicks. CV BrandMe's user interface is easy to use and looks great on mobile devices. The site provides a profile that separates you from everyone else.

Awards and Recognition

CVBrandme secured dual nominations at the UK Business Awards in the categories of “10 Best Website for 2021” and “Innovation Category (Product Design).” Their noteworthy achievement is a testament to our groundbreaking work for a London-based client.
CVBrandme aimed to simplify resume creation for the new generation of job seekers by developing a cutting-edge, subscription-based platform with a selection of stunning templates. Their dedication to innovation garnered them recognition at the UK Business Awards.


Technology Stack

Technology Stack – WordPress, JQUERY, MySQL, and PHP
WordPress – Frontend
jQuery – Frontend

MySQL – Backend

Creating PDF from HTML file in WordPress using DOMPDF

We encountered difficulty when trying to pass dynamic values into the HTML template used for generating PDFs.

To overcome this issue, we implemented a two-file approach. We separated the HTML and PDF conversion processes and included the PDF conversion file within the HTML file. This design enabled us to effectively pass dynamic values into the HTML template, ultimately resolving the challenge.

Enhancing Resumes with Embedded Videos

Initially, embedding videos in resumes allowed only for static values, limiting dynamic content integration.

To overcome this limitation, we switched to using iframes, providing a flexible solution that allowed for the integration of dynamic embedded code within videos, ultimately enhancing the richness and versatility of our resumes.

Other Technologies

Displaying Video Thumbnails in PDFs

We encountered a roadblock when attempting to directly showcase video thumbnails within the generated PDFs.

To address this issue, we devised a workaround by fetching the video ID and then using it to retrieve the original video thumbnail from YouTube. This approach allowed us to seamlessly incorporate video thumbnails into our PDFs, enhancing their visual appeal and content.

Customized Dashboards Based on Subscriptions

The challenge we encountered was the necessity to present a tailored dashboard to users depending on their subscription.

To address this challenge, we implemented a solution that involved checking the user’s subscription status. Once we determined the user to be active, we then examined their subscription type and displayed the corresponding customized dashboard. This approach allowed us to provide users with a personalized experience based on their subscription level.