Why you need a CRM

79% of marketing leads never convert into sales due to lack of lead nurturing. Research says nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. Lead nurturing is a process by which leads are tracked and developed into sales-qualified lead.

Advantages of our CRM solutions

SuiteCRM is the open-source alternative to established (proprietary) CRM systems. SuiteCRM is largely based on the popular SugarCRM® (Community Edition), one of the world’s most widely used CRM solutions. SuiteCRM is free and open-source.

No Recurring Fee

Unlimited Users

Data Ownership

Email Marketing

Automate Workflow

Campaign Monitor

Cost effective

No Recurring Fee

Ss4uCRM has ONE time Setup Fee. We install in your server and integrate your data. It has no further Monthly cost. You have total control on the CRM

No Cap on Number of Users

Unlimited Users

Built on Open Source SuiteCRM, number of users are not limited like in other proprietary CRMs. You have the complete freedom to set the maximum numbers of users and authentication level.

Complete Control and Ownership of your data

Ownership of Data

Since the CRM is installed in your own server, there is no concern for  data security or data loss and access control. You decide when and what to do with your data. No insecurities of loosing  valuable information if you fail to pay your monthly subscription.

Email marketing based on Triggers

Email. Marketing

Pair the data with email automation. When a lead takes a specific predetermined action, it can spark an email or an activity within your agency. That’s a trigger.

Email campaigns built on triggers are successful because they provide personalization to your leads.

Check your Workflow and Automate it

Automate Workflow

With Ss4uCRM there is a lot more you can do for leads than just send emails. You  can sprinkle phone calls or direct mail within your campaigns. This is where automated workflows help. Though you can absolutely automate emails within your campaign, you should also set up reminders within that campaign to notify you to call or send a piece of mail where and when appropriate.

Analyze your email marketing Campaigns

Monitor Campaigns

View Graphical Reports on how many has viewed your email. which emails have bounced. How many opted out and who clicked on which link.

This will help you modify your email campaigns for maximum results.

Cost advantages for SuiteCRM compared to proprietary CRM

We have compared SuiteCRM to proprietary CRM solutions/licensing models. When it comes to money, many manufacturers of CRM systems are rather evasive. Often, they only have ‘ROI calculations’. At first, a monthly usage charge of USD70 per user doesn’t sound bad for a cloud solution, but with 25 users, this means a total of USD105,000 after 5 years.

CRM Comparison Chart

  • 0 Cost per user
  • Unlimited user limit
  • Unlimited contacts
  • 63 Languages and Unlimited Currencies
  • All user permissions

  • $25-$300 Cost per user
  • Limited user limit, all plans
  • Limited contacts, all plans
  • Limited Languages/Extra cost, all plans
  • Limited user permissions/Extra cost, all plans

  • $50-$1,200 Cost per user
  • Limited user limit, all plans
  • Limited contacts, all plans
  • Limited Languages/Higher plan
  • Limited user permissions/Extra cost, all plans

  • $12.50-$55 Cost per user
  • Limited user limit, all plans
  • Limited contacts, all plans
  • Limited Languages/Higher plan
  • Limited user permissions/Extra cost, all plans


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